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We charge based on space taken up by your items. We know that everyone has enough stuff for a full load.

Volume Based


Our prices are nowhere near the "big guys". We price fairly and reasonable. All prices include taxes and labor. No Surprises when it's time to pay!

Affordable Prices


Our estimate systems are simple. You can send us pictures of the items you want gone. You can give us a call and explain the items. We can come onsite and give you an estimate in person.

Next Day Estimates


Affordable & Hassle-Free Hauling Solutions

How It Works

We're dedicated to transparent pricing. Get a free, no-obligation estimate upfront. Pricing depends on your location, item size, and disposal or donation fees. Contact us for personalized junk removal service details.


Trust our seasoned team of professionals to simplify your life by expertly decluttering your space. From facilitating smooth moves to managing estate cleanouts, Load 'n Dump is your dedicated partner in making life easier and your surroundings tidier.

Junk Removal | Waste Management

Our professional team handles donation pickups, simplifying your life while giving back to the community. Whether it's gently-used furniture, clothing, or more, we ensure your items find a new home where they're needed most.

Donation Pickups

Elevate lives with Load 'n Dump! Our professional team handles residential junk services, streamlining your life and benefiting the community. From used furniture to various items, we ensure your belongings find new purpose where they're most needed.


Elevate your business with Load 'n Dump! Our professional team specializes in commercial junk services, streamlining operations and ensuring a clean, organized space. From office cleanouts to construction debris, we take care of it all.


Got Junk?

commercial trash, junk, appliance, and furniture removal
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